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Issue 77: Confidential


Image of Issue 77: Confidential

The 'Confidential' theme prompted us to adopt a register that was unabashedly more intimate and personal. What particularly fascinated us was getting to know, on a deeper level, the personality and lifestyle of those who allowed us into the private and familiar universes that are their homes. In London, we spoke to Hannah Cecil Gurney, daughter of the founder of the renowned wallpaper and fabrics company 'de Gournay'; in Lisbon we were welcomed by Raul Santos, one of the founders of the Mood company, a pioneer in lighting design in Portugal; in Annicco, Italy, we spent time with artist/photographer Attilio Solzi at his new home, an old cinema rehabilitated.


176 pages.

The publication measures 215 x 278 mm, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on coated and uncoated paper with FSC-approved.

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Date: September and October 2017