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Issue 110: Bloom


Image of Issue 110: Bloom

Bloom as a return to the earth, as a ‘Rebirth’ of a ‘New Art’. A look at what drives us, in a culmination of ideas, a need to take stock of the past so that we can discern the future in this uncertain world.

Here, as usual, this theme is explored as talent, either through the need to connect with our inner selves, by feeling Nature – as Layla Robinson confides, who sees her own form of expression and celebration in the flowers she picks – or in the light that emanates from the Atlas Mountains, in the Ourika valley... An epic of unmissable places where we could happily lose ourselves!

Step into our garden, with attitude, to rediscover yourself. This is my suggestion. Allow yourself to be carried away by this early Spring and stroll with us through this wealth of shared stories and memories. Among flowers and prints, curated to usher in freshness, here’s the mood for leafing through the following pages, like someone looking for that postcard to recall at a later point in time.


176 pages.

The publication measures 215 x 278 mm, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on coated and uncoated paper with FSC-approved.

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Publication date: March - April. 2023