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Issue 114: Roots


Image of Issue 114: Roots

We wrap up the last issue of the year with the attitude that characterises us: the desire to share with our readers what has most captivated us in recent times, rooted in what surrounds us and sets us apart.
While in the last issue we contemplated the passing of time as a state of grace that felt like it was hovering in a void, remotely, now it’s time to embrace the cycles that have restarted, while discovering new playlists to accompany the mood of the day. As Celeste sings in the song Strangers: “Back to this room, back to our roots, what did we lose?”

And if going back to our roots implies moments of fresh starts, we also wanted to explore our bolder side here, in its purest state. Perhaps in an attitude of defiance, because of the nostalgia associated with the approaching end of year, or perhaps because we’re looking forward to a certain anniversary that lies ahead… (you’ll have to wait for the next edition for more about that!)
With our eyes set on the future, we’ve tried to find out what’s happening around us, within layers of memory, in the trends that can be discerned, through myriad forms and interpretations.


168 pages.

The publication measures 215 x 278 mm, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on coated and uncoated paper with FSC-approved.

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Publication date: November - December 2023.